hair-conditioner.jpgHair conditioner is a product for hair and scalp care. Its main task is to protect strands and scalp against mechanical and chemical damages, but also to repair, regenerate and prevent damages, which may occur because of factors from external world: impurities, sun radiation, extreme temperatures. How should you use hair conditioner to protect hair against any harmful factors?

Usually hair conditioner is recommended for all hair types. Although, it seems that dry hair and scalp need more conditioning than other. To most common factors worsening hair condition we can count in: genes, improper conditioning and use of wrong cosmetics, bad diet, drugs, ingestion of some medication, diseases and many more. If you care about pretty look and healthy hair and scalp, you should use right cosmetics. Those cosmetics should contain some cosmetic butters or cosmetic oils. Don’t forget that often hair wash can weaken and damage hair, so wash them with shampoo twice a week. And if you have difficulties with choice of right cosmetic, then hair conditioner will be equally great.

How can you wash dry hair with conditioner? First, wet scalp and strands then dry them with paper towel. Divide hair into several smaller parts and on each of them apply large amount of conditioner; even larger amount you can rub in ends. Use wide-tooth comb to comb hair in order to evenly distribute conditioner. Don’t forget about head massage – it will boost roots and follicles to more effective work, stimulate blood circulation in epidermis and prevent hair loss. Rinse conditioner with cold water to seal hair cuticles.

Moisturising hair conditioner for damaged hair can be also used for dry and coloured hair. Strands, which were coloured, very often are prone to frizzing and dryness. Dyes contain ammonia, which worsens hair and scalp condition. Hair conditioner with content of keratin, oils or cosmetic butters will be best for this type of hair. Due to regular treatment, hair will become healthier, stronger and prettier. Thanks to active ingredients contained in conditioning cosmetics, roots will be nourished and regenerated.