Hair conditioner is a conditioning cosmetic. It protects hair and scalp against harmful factors from external world. It regenerates strands and epidermis from chemical and mechanical damages. What is more, it nourishes, smoothers and moisturises. Based on types of hair we distinguish several types of conditioners. Those are: repairing for damaged hair, improving hair condition for hair prone to brittleness and split ends, strengthening for fine hair prone to falling out, moisturising for dry hair after permanent wave, for dyed hair, hair with dandruff and for oily and normal hair. Girls who focus a lot of attention on conditioning of scalp and hair are well aware of diversity of regular conditioners and leave-in conditioners. What is the difference between the two of them?

hair-conditioner.jpgLeave-in hair conditioner

Those cosmetics usually have very light consistency and have form of mist. During application leave-in conditioners cover only small parts of hair, that is why they do not consist of many nourishing ingredients and active substances. They do not weight strands down, do not cause clumping and leave non-greasy layer on hair. If you have long hair, then optimal solution is application of product after each hair wash, despite of use conditioner dedicated for rinse. The task of leave-in conditioners is provide of protection against external factors, such as: sun radiation, impurities, chemical substances, mechanical damages. Leave-in conditioners available in shops are: Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge or Schwarzkopf Syoss Ultimate Repair Express Repair.

Hair conditioner dedicated for rinse

Those products contain plenty of nourishing ingredients. They can be used everyday, because they don’t weight hair down like masks. Conditioners have more liquid consistency and are much weaker in comparison to hair masks. That is why for very damaged hair average conditioner maybe too weak. In shops you can find sets of cosmetics – shampoo plus conditioner or shampoo and conditioner two in one. You should read labels before use of any product. You can find there informations, such as: time of “keeping” conditioner on hair, ingredients, method of application and many more. Conditioners dedicated for rinse are: Schauma Push Up Volume, The Body Shop, Gliss Kur with keratin.