Hair conditioners are cosmetic, which are more and more willingly used conditioning products. They are recommended for all hair and scalp types. They contain universal properties and their ingredients influence both inner and outer structures of strands. Hair conditioners protect hair against chemical and mechanical damages, UVA and UVB radiation, drying ingredients in some products. And did you know that conditioner is great for oily hair as well?

There is this mistaken believe among women that oily scalp and hair shouldn’t be moisturised, but rather systematically cleansed. Nothing more wrong than that! By moisturising oily scalp you regulate work of sebaceous glands and limit excess sebum secretion. You will, of course need also cleansing shampoos, which should be used every two or three days. However, right after hair wash, always apply conditioner. Cosmetic will make combing of strands easier, nourish hair and regenerate scalp. Equally good in conditioning can turn out to be spray conditioners or, so called dry conditioners. One of ingredients in such product can be tea-tree extract. Helpful can be systematic scrub with sugar and honey.

How to use hair conditioner for oily hair? Described blow method of conditioning is dedicated for scalp prone to overproduction of sebum; for other hair types it may not work every time. Start with hair wash with cleansing shampoo. If there is a need then repeat this action. Rinse hair very thoroughly; even small amount of foam cannot stay between strands. Dry hair with paper towel. Spread small amount of conditioner in hands and apply it on hair. Start in the middle of hair length and rub it in the ends. Put on a plastic cap or a towel and wait a period of time indicated by manufacturer on the label. After this time rinse hair with cold water. This way you’ll seal hair cuticles and hair become smooth and glossy.

Hair conditioner for oily hair consists of moisturising, nourishing and regenerative properties. What is more, it will minimise sebum secretion, regulate work of sebaceous glands and will make hair and roots healthier and more beautiful. As a result, scalp won’t be greasy and won’t be needing that often wash. Obviously, different conditioning is necessary for hair and for scalp, which problems aren’t superficial. Hormonal disorder, ingestion of some medication, diseases and genetic condition very often cause improper work of sebaceous glands. In case like that, necessary is medical consultation and use of hair conditioner only as a conditioning product.