odżywka do włosów

Davines is a brand offering products of highest quality. Each cosmetic is enriched with one of active substances obtained from Slow Food Presidia in Italy; in case of DEDE Hair Mist it is red celery extract. Entirely organic and ecological cosmetics are characteristic for this brand.

For whom?

Delicate spray conditioner from Davines is an ideal cosmetic for hair protection before hair cut, straightening, permanent wave or colour treatment. It is recommended to used DEDE Hair Mist on high porosity, damaged and dry hair. Therefore, it is worth to implement this gentle regenerative mist into the everyday hair care.

How does it work?

Davines products have specifically oriented properties. In case of DEDE Hair Mist from Essential Haircare line pointed out can be regenerative properties. Mist is expected to restore hair with their health, good condition and natural and beautiful appearance.

– makes even porosity of damaged hair,
– provides hair with remineralisation,
– nourishes hair from their roots,
– protects hair against harmful external factors.

What is in the composition?

Base ingredient of Davines Hair Mist is CELERY RED EXTRACT FROM ORBASSANO, which will provide hair with essential mineral salts. In filled with chemical ingredients, composition are present also hydrolyzed almond protein and that is where natural ingredients end. Brand describes its conditioner as an eco product free of sulphates and parabens.

What is the formula like?

DEDE Hair Mist has a semi-transparent and really simple bottle with capacity of 250 ml/8.5 oz. and atomiser. Conditioner consists of liquid consistency and yellow colour. What is more, light mist is suitable for application even on dry hair, because it does not weight streaks down and absorbs fast leaving hair soft in touch.

How to use it?

Application of DEDE Hair Mist is unbelievably easy thanks to light formula and atomiser. You just have to spray hair evenly at every angle. It is important to do that on clean and damp hair. Davines product is a leave-in conditioner.


The greatest advantage of this brand is its ecological approach – Davines care about the environment by biodiversity, use of biodegradable materials for the packagings and use of only energy from renewable sources for the production. However, DEDE Hair Mist has not many natural ingredients and chemical content can discourage. Effectiveness of the product is great and huge congratulations deserves equipment of conditioner in atomizer, what improves efficiency and makes application easier. Despite all, product is worth a try.

PRICE: £26.00 for 250 ml/8.5 oz.