odżywka do włosów

Dove is one of the most popular cosmetic brands for hair care and skin care.

For whom?

Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner is a solution for frizzing hair. Product is dedicated for people with dry hair that are difficult in stylisation and wild. It will be best for owners of high porosity and middle porosity hair.

How does it work?

Hair conditioner from Dove is a great way for hair nourishment, but those are not the only properties of this product. Nourishing Oil Care provides also complex hydration thanks to micro-particles that absorb water and support hair stylisation – make combing easier, soften, smoother, eliminate problem of frizzing and fly-away hair. Formula was enriched with TECHNOLOGY OF REGENERATIVE LIPIDS, that penetrate inner hair structure of hair to ensure restoration and condition improvement.

What is in the composition?

Described cosmetic for hair care from Nutri Therapy line is a conditioner that in complex way supports regeneration, nourishment and hair moisture thanks to two important natural ingredients with diverse properties.

COCONUT OIL – instant hydration, regeneration and strengthening of hair;
ALMOND OIL – right away smoother, gloss and protection.

What is the formula like?

Nourishing Oil Care from Dove Nutritive Solutions is a classical conditioner with creamy consistency. It administers really well on damp hair, however you should not overdo with its amount, because it is quite challenging to rinse it and can cause dandruff. Product has pleasing scent that lasts on hair through the day.

How to use it?

Dove conditioner is a standard cosmetic of this kind, so its application is not a surprise. After washing hair with shampoo (best from the same line) conditioner should be massaged in damp hair and left for about two minutes, then thoroughly rinsed.


Nourishing Oil Care is a hair conditioner with two natural oils – coconut and almond. Product is effective and deserves a round of applause for the targeted complex help for dry and frizzing hair. Consistency of conditioner makes it easy to apply cosmetic on hair, but product does not absorb that well so it can be difficult to rinse it. On top of that, imprecisely rinsed product can result with dandruff. The risk of improper use is being compensated by the low price of Dove Nourishing Oil Care.

PRICE: £3.00 for 200 ml/7.04 oz.