L'Oréal Paris – Elsève Total Repair 5 ConditionerElsève Total Repair 5 Conditioner is a hair cosmetic providing instant regeneration treatment for hair. On top of that, complementary product for conditioner is shampoo from the same line. L’Oréal Paris ensures rich in keratin composition and affordable price.

For whom?

Conditioner from L’Oréal is most of all cosmetic for those who have no patience for long term restoration treatments. Total Repair 5 formula ensures at hand effects and will be great for people with damaged hair.

How does it work?

Manufacturer guarantees that 60 seconds is enough for hair regeneration effect. Elsève Total Repair 5 from L’Oréal Paris was developed so that it provide double effect of regeneration and appearance improvement.

DEEP RESTORATION ON THE CELLULAR LEVEL – along with first application, formula rich in keratin covers hair with protective filter and active substances penetrate hair fibres to provide them with intensive repair.

IMMEDIATE HAIR TRANSFORMATION – as the name indicates, hair conditioner from L’Oréal Paris is an instant hair treatment, ensuring hair with smoother, softness and gloss.

Use of Total Repair 5 Conditioner has five following advantages:
– hair fibres repair,
– vitality restoration,
– resilience and protection improvement,
– natural gloss boost,
– ensured softness.

What is in the composition?

Regenerative conditioner from L’Oréal Paris is a composition with no natural ingredients, however it was developed to be effective. Quite chemical ingredients, sadly, consist of comedogenic and irritation triggering substances. Nonetheless, manufacturer claims that Total Repair 5 Conditioner is based mainly on three substances.

1. Penetrating deep hair layers ARGININA-K COMPLEX, that strengthens hair.
2. Restoring hair structure on the inside, PRO-KERATIN.
3. Smoothing hair surface and repairing damaged fibres, CERAMIDES.

What the formula is like?

Handy tube holds 200 ml/7.04 oz. of Elsève conditioner with gel consistency that works great for hair. Application causes no greater problems and the formula is light, despite some negative opinions on Total Repair 5 Conditioner. The thing is that some women say that conditioner is weighting hair down and that it can be caused by the composition. However, The scent is intense, nice and lasts on hair for a long time after the rinse.

How to use it?

L’Oréal Paris in try to make use of their conditioning products easier, provided formula with instant properties. Conditioner should be applied on hair after wash and rinsed right away. Effects will be visible at once.


Lightning fast properties of L’Oréal Paris hair conditioner are greatest benefit of this product, because effects are visible after first use, without necessity of keeping conditioner on hair. Application is trouble-free and the consistency is a huge plus of Total Repair 5 Conditioner. Unfortunately, fully chemical composition can clog pores in scalp and weight down delicate hair.

PRICE: £4.00 for 200 ml/7.04 oz.