odżywka do włosów

Redken is a brand, that versions of their conditioners made in form of conditioning oils. Diamond Oil is a concentrated gloss providing serum with vegetable oils, that was developed based on innovative technologies.

For whom?

Hair conditioner, Redken Diamond Oil has two versions, which differ in their use. Golden Diamond Oil is dedicated for people with normal and delicate hair, while oil in a black bottle was developed for people with hair difficult in stylisation. Redken Diamond Oil is a shine providing conditioner, so is mostly helpful to people with problem of matt hair.

How does it work?

Redken Diamond Oil is a great cosmetic for hair care. It nourishes their structure on the inside, thanks to content of protein complex. What is more, it influences strengthening and hair regeneration as well as proper level of hydration. Diamond Oil conditioner guarantees control of pH level of scalp and most of all makes hair glossy.

What is in the composition?

Redken hair conditioner consists of Shine Strong Complex, which is a combination of three natural vegetable oils with polymers. It is expected to influence shine providing properties of the product. Diamond Oil is paraben-free, silicon-free and it does not contain any other harmful substances.

APRICOT KERNEL OIL – provides moisture, smoother and velvety softness,
LINSEED OIL – eliminates hair loss, accelerates hair growth, nourishes and strengthens,
CORIANDER SEED OIL – mineralises and vitaminises hair, strengthens and provides regeneration.

What the formula is like?

Conditioners from Redken have standard consistency of hair conditioning oils. Product is quite greasy, so it may weight hair down a bit. There is no necessity for rinse of Diamond Oil, but be careful with the application and use it in rational amounts. What is more, aroma is not that intense, but efficiency is surprisingly good, thanks to applicator in form of pipette.

How to use it?

Brand confirms that Diamond Oil can be used in various ways. Conditioner has a consistency of oil, and so it is the easiest to use it for hair oil treatment or scalp oil treatment. It can be done on wet or dry hair, with hot or cold oil, before or after hair wash. On top of that, Redken Diamond Oil can be added to other hair care products or be just used to protect ends. Frequency of application depends exclusively on the consumer.


Diamond Oil is a hair conditioner in a form of oil serum. Product this has a great advantage in its natural composition basing on vegetable oils and with no content of artificial ingredients. Formula of the cosmetic is extremely efficient, packaging truly elegant and scent pleasing. However, there are also some drawbacks, and it is not about the durability of aroma on hair. Redken Diamond Oil is an oily conditioner and it can weight hair down if not being careful in its application.

PRICE: £16.00 for 250 ml/8.5 oz.